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Copernicus Land Monitoring Service (CLMS)

Copernicus is a European system for monitoring the Earth. Data is collected by different sources, including Earth observation satellites and in-situ sensors. The data is processed and provides reliable and up-to-date information in six thematic areas: land, marine, atmosphere, climate change, emergency management and security. The land theme is divided into four main components: Global, Local, Pan-European, Referance data.

Technical Specifications:
Contributing Missions:
Copernicus Land Monitoring Service
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Applicable T&C
Contributing Missions Copernicus Land Monitoring Service
Data Browser (View)
File access path /eodata/CLMS/
Finder product search
INSPIRE Metadata search
S3 path s3://DIAS/CLMS/
SPARQL client
SPARQL endpoint
Satellite Sentinel-2, Sentinel-2, Seltinel-3, SPOT, MetOp-ASCAT
Spatial Coverage 180W, 180E, 90S, 90N
Spatial resolution 100m, 300m, >= 1000m
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Created June 4, 2018, 13:28 (CEST)