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Thematic areas:
S2GLC 2017 Experimental Land Cover Collection

The S2GLC 2017 experimental product represents land cover classification of the major portion of the European continent. The classification has been performed using multi-temporal Sentinel-2 data collected in 2017 with the methodology developed in the frame of the ESA-funded Sentinel-2 Global Land Cover (S2GLC) project, by Space Research Center of Polish Academy of Sciences (CBK PAN). The S2GLC 2017 data set is delivered with 10 m spatial resolution with thematic legend composed of 13 land cover classes. Detailed description available at

Technical Specifications:
Contributing Missions:
Product Type:
Land Cover Map

Classification Algorithm Random Forest
Contributing Missions Sentinel-2
File Access Path /eodata/auxdata/S2GLC/2017
Finder Product Search
Minimum Mapping Unit 10 x 10 m
Number of LC Classes 13
S3 Path s3://DIAS/auxdata/S2GLC/2017
Satellite Sentinel-2
Sensor MSI
Spatial Coverage Europe
Technical Specifications
Temporal Coverage 2017
Training Data Source Training Data Source CORINE LC, High Resolution Layers, Spectral indices
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