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Sentinel-1 L0 RAW Collection

The collection consists of all Sentinel-1 RAW Level 0 products covering whole observation area (global) since 2014-04-03. The Sentinel-1 SAR Level-0 products collection consist of compressed and unfocused SAR raw data. Level-0 products are the basis from which all other high level products are produced. SENTINEL-1 is an imaging radar mission providing continuous all-weather, day-and-night imagery at C-band. The SENTINEL-1 constellation provides high reliability, improved revisit time, geographical coverage and rapid data dissemination to support operational applications in the priority areas of marine monitoring, land monitoring and emergency services. SENTINEL-1 potentially images all global landmasses, coastal zones and shipping routes in European waters in high resolution and covers the global oceans at regular intervals. Having a primary operational mode over land and another over open ocean allows for a pre-programmed conflict-free operation. The main operational mode features a wide swath (250 km) with high geometric (typically 20 m Level-1 product resolution) and radiometric resolutions, suitable for most applications.

Technical Specifications:
Sentinel-1 Product Specification (S1-RS-MDA-52-7441)
Contributing Missions:
Product Type:
Unfocused SAR raw data

Applicable T&C
Contributing Missions Sentinel-1
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File access path /eodata/Sentinel-1/SAR/RAW/
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ProcessingLevel 0
S3 path s3://DIAS/Sentinel-1/SAR/RAW/
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Satellite Sentinel-1
Sensor C-SAR
Spatial Coverage 180W, 180E, 90S, 90N
Temporal Coverage 03/04/2014 - 04/05/2018
Last Updated December 19, 2018, 10:56 (CET)
Created April 24, 2018, 10:29 (CEST)