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Sentinel-1 L2 OCN Collection

The collection consists of all Sentinel-1 OCN Level 2 products covering whole observation area (global) since 2014-04-03. Level-2 consists of geolocated geophysical products derived from Level-1. Level-2 Ocean (OCN) products for wind, wave and currents applications may contain the following geophysical components derived from the SAR data: Ocean Wind field (OWI), Ocean Swell spectra (OSW), Surface Radial Velocity (RVL).

Technical Specifications:
Sentinel-1 Product Specification (S1-RS-MDA-52-7441)
Contributing Missions:
Product Type:

Applicable T&C
Contributing Missions Sentinel-1
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File access path /eodata/Sentinel-1/SAR/OCN/
Finder product search
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ProcessingLevel 2
S3 path s3://DIAS/Sentinel-1/SAR/OCN/
SPARQL client
SPARQL endpoint
Satellite Sentinel-1
Sensor C-SAR
Spatial Coverage 180W, 180E, 90S, 90N
Temporal Coverage 03/04/2014 - 04/05/2018
Last Updated December 19, 2018, 10:57 (CET)
Created April 30, 2018, 13:27 (CEST)